Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Technologically Twitterpated

I admit it, I've become a luddite when it comes to new(er) technology. 7 years ago I tried the IM and found it way too immediate and ended up canceling my Yahoo Chat account after a week of not doing any work at all because my machine wouldn't stop chirping from people wondering where I went and why I didn't reply. Email is way more my speed. Then, last summer I committed Myspace suicide because I wasn't updating enough and everyone was emailing me on that account (which has a horrible email interface) instead of emailing me at my home email account. It got to the point that one friend thought something horrible happened to me because I didn't update my page in 2 months, he didn't have my current email addy (which was posted on the top of my profile) and he inputted my cell phone # into his cell wrong so he reached out to all my friends to get in touch.

Well, here I am now, I've embraced the blogging, the texting, and have now heard that Twitter is all the rage with the kids these days for mini-blogging so I started a twitter site or whatever its called. SO if you like living vicariously through me, sign up and read my occasional updates which I'll probably make on my cell while waiting for someone who's running late.

Earlier today I even made it onto Linked In. Next stop: Facebook.

I guess it could be worse. I met a publisher who has web pages and his emails printed out for him, and dictates his response to an assistant who has to add to the bottom of his corresponances "Dictated but not read."

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